0.2.8 Beta

A frontend for the Pandoc command line application that enables you to convert files and texts from one markup format to another

PanConvert makes use of the power and capabilities of the Pandoc, a command-line markup format conversion utility and adds it a simple and intuitive GUI to let you enjoy its features within a user-friendly environment. For those who need a reliable document converter, but do not have a liking for the Windows console, it can prove to be exactly what they are looking for.

Convert between multiple markup formats

In order to work properly, PanConvert requires Pandoc to be installed on your computer. Furthermore, you have to enter the installation path of the command-line tool before actually using PanConvert.
PanConvert borrows the most important features of Pandoc, providing support for various markup formats, such as HTML, Latex, Markdown and HMTL.
In order to convert a file to all the other formats that the command-line tool is compatible with, you can use the dedicated fields within the main window of PanConvert. Moreover, you can include additional parameters to the command before execution, provided you are familiar with Pandoc's syntax.

Predefined converters for specific formats

One of the most important features of this application is the predefined converters. For instance, if you want to convert a HTML file to Latex, you simply have to select the dedicated option in the 'Latex' menu and the result is instantly displayed.
The resulting code can be freely edited right from the main window of PanConvert and then saved to a user-defined location in the desired format.

A more user-friendly markup converter

PanConvert can read and write just as many markup formats as Pandoc (markdown, reStructuredText, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, RTF, ODT, XML and the list is far from being complete), which makes it a powerful document converter.
While Pandoc requires you to work in the command prompt only, PanConvert adopts a more user-friendly approach, displaying a simple GUI that you can work with.