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2021.3 Build 231 / 2021.6 Build 257 EAP

A CPU and memory profiler for the .NET platform, recognized by the IT professionals and analysts as the best profiling tool out there

Profiling your application from the standpoint of CPU and memory usage is quite important, as it enables you to optimize its performance and limit its impact on the host system resources, which is always appreciated by end-users.
With the help of YourKit Java Profiler, you can easily run your Java-based program and assess its functioning, analyzing and measuring several aspects of its runtime, enabling you to determine what could be improved.

Well-rounded and accessible GUI

Subsequent to the brief setup process, you can launch the program, its ‘Welcome’ screen allowing you to view locally running Java apps, or work with the ‘Integration Wizards’ to enable you to use a preferred development environment with YourKit Java Profiler.
Similarly, you can open and monitor remote utilities, or you can work with an existing snapshot. The dense documentation provides you with information on every aspect that may need clarification while the ‘Example’ lets you play with YourKit Java Profiler and learn what it is capable of.

CPU and memory profiling made easy

After opening the Java tool that you want to profile, you can ‘Connect to Application’ from the context menu and start visualizing its performance. As such, you can view the CPU-related data, in the form of call trees or methods list, with details about ‘Time’ and ‘Invocation Count’. It even features ‘CPU Usage Telemetry’ in the shape of easy-to-interpret graphs.
From the ‘Threads’ tab, you can learn more about ‘Stack Traces’ and ’CPU Usage Estimation’, while in the ‘Deadlocks’ section, you can find all such events that have occurred so far. Moreover, YourKit Java Profiler enables you to explore objects whose memory screenshots you need to capture, letting you display ‘Allocations’ and ‘Memory & GC Telemetry’ data.
In addition, you can uncover details about ‘Exceptions’ and ‘Monitor Usage’. The automatically generated ’Performance Charts’ let you visualize information in a schematic manner while the ‘Events’ section lets you obtain an overview of important occurrences in the profiling process.
All these details along with the data in the ‘Summary’ enables you to discover which areas of your application require improvement, to optimize them for various systems and lower their overall impact.

A feature-rich program profiler for Java utilities

In closing, YourKit Java Profiler is an advanced and useful software solution which aims to assist developers in running CPU and memory profiling tasks on Java-based tools, providing you with the information required to optimize them.
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2021.3 Build 231 / 2021.6 Build 257 EAP
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YourKit, LLC
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