.NET PGP Library

A useful and easy to deploy .NET library that is designed for programmers who intend on creating encryption or decryption applications

.NET PGP Library consists of an extensive package of components and libraries that can help .NET programmers build reliable encryption and decryption applications based on the OpenPGP protocol. Aside from this, it features functions that allow the implementation of data signing options, as well as security key and signing capabilities.
The library has no external dependencies, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and all versions of the .NET Framework, but it can also be used with Silverlight, as well as some mobile platforms, such as Xamarin.Android and the Windows Phone OS.
There are a few conclusive examples that are meant to demonstrate the functions of the library and which can be opened and examined using Visual Studio.
.NET PGP Library can be included in OpenPGP cryptography applications, implementing basic text and file encoding functions. It bundles classes for exploring OpenPGP archives and generating self-extracting encrypted executable files, as well as components for revoking OpenPGP keys.
Along with the generated keys, its classes can retrieve other properties, such as the creation time, the key fingerprint and size, the user ID and the key validity.
.NET PGP Library can manage key pairs and provides you with control over the entire encryption process. It is a handy component for any programmer who works in a .NET environment to create text or file encryption applications.
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