Visualize, print or convert PLT, PDF, DWF, CGM, HPGL/2 files with this application that offers markup capabilities for adding annotations

Handling and printing file formats such as PLT, PDF, DWF, or HPGL can be a tricky task and users could require a software solution that could provide them with the means of viewing, converting or printing such files. scViewerX was created in order to provide users with the means to open, display, convert or print such files, offering support for many more formats. It will present users with a set of extra features, for adding custom annotations or drawings the required content on their files.

Clean interface that hosts a minimalist menu with just the essential tools

The application comes packed with a clean layout that carries a simple menu setup, with few yet sufficient features for handling the opened files. One will be able to easily load the preferred content, either from a local drive or remote websites and the application offers numerous tools for customizing the visualization.
People can use tools for zooming, rotating the loaded content, setting a preferred background color or measuring distances. However, the distance tool does not correlate its selected unit with the one present in the loaded files and this could be frustrating for demanding users.

Explore, convert or print your PLT, HPGL/2 or CALS file formats with this utility that offers annotation tools

Users will be able to load an impressive number of file types, some of which include: PLT (HPGL, HPGL/2 and HP-RTL) plotter files, PDF files, Autodesk DWF and DWFx 2D files, Gerber RS-274D and RS-274X files, Calcomp plotter files, Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) files, PNG, JPEG and BMP raster files.
Furthermore, the application provides people with several tools for adding markups to the loaded files and they will be able to input the preferred text strings as comments or directly on images. All the changes can be undone, but scViewerX doesn’t provide a “Redo” command, which could have been useful.

Complete application for handling, converting or printing a large number of plotter file formats

Considering its support for a great number of file formats and easy-to-use interface and minimalist tools, this utility could be an efficient addition for those who require control over PLT, HPGL/2, CALS and similar file formats. It will allow them to easily import, convert and print the preferred files or even add their custom annotations thanks to its markup feature.
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