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Review JavaScript source code, create new webpages from scratch, inspect JS references, and connect to FTP servers using this simple app

JScriptor is a handy program designed to help you explore and edit JavaScript code. It contains JavaScript references and it's capable of creating the HTML body on the spot.

Inspect JavaScript references

After a brief and uneventful setup operation, you can check out a simple window with a seemingly outdated structure that's easy to navigate. The JavaScript references are loaded in a second panel by default.
You can open .js-formatted files to explore code while keeping in mind that syntax highlighting is supported, so you can easily spot blocks of code.

Customize JS code and connect to an FTP server

It's possible to use a simple search-and-replace function, jump to a particular line in the project, remove hyphenation with one click, create string variables just as easily, as well as to convert text selections to uppercase or lowercase.
Furthermore, you can hide the JavaScript reference panel, create HTML body at the cursor's position, establish an FTP connection, or ask the tool to execute code.
When it comes to program preferences, you can customize the font size, show or hide line numbers, set custom colors for the keywords and symbols, enter FTP login credentials, as well as pick an external web browser that will be used for launching websites to examine pages written in JavaScript.

Evaluation and conclusion

It didn't hang, crash or display error messages in our tests. CPU and RAM consumption was low, so the application didn't hamper system performance. On the other hand, JScriptor seems to be outdated, as the interface needs some major improvements. Other than that, the utility comes loaded with some intuitive and approachable options for reviewing JavaScript code.
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