NET Data Access Layer

A .NET library that allows you to create applications that can access data stores in various databases such as SQL Server, Access and MySQL

NET Data Access Layer is a handy tool for the developers who need to embed database access support in their applications. The library allows you to create programs able to create and access MySQL, Access or SQL databases in order to edit their content.
.NET libraries aim to provide you with a set of functions for various purposes in order to improve your efficiency in adding new features to your projects. Thus, you can use multiple functions without having to create each program module by yourself.
This tool is designed to provide support for multiple ODBC and OLEDB databases which enables you to connect your program with SQL, Oracle, SQLite, VistaDB and other database types.
By using the included functions you can create new databases, add information and edit the database content with minimum effort. Moreover, the users can run SQL queries, execute procedures and truncate data tables.
One of the advantages of this library is the ability to automatically map objects and query results which does not require mapping files or configuration. Additionally, it can automatically fill the database fields with the default values when inserting a new item.
The package includes a sample program that allows you to create a local database, add your data and edit the entries from the list. The library provides components for all .NET Framework higher than 3.5 which allows you to create applications for multiple systems.
Although the library is designed for experienced developers, the help file includes step by step instructions for creating sessions, loading data and generating the database structure. Supported programming languages include C# and Visual Basic.
NET Data Access Layer comes with multiple features and extensive documentation which allows you to understand how to embed it in your projects.