DTM Test XML Generator


An application that creates test XML documents using built-in data generators for integers, strings or time values, as well as integrated value libraries

XML documents are spread everywhere, thanks to their versatility and wide array of benefits. They are created to handle large amounts of data by storing it in an organized fashion, separated into attributes and values.
It can be quite time consuming to populate such a document with the required data, especially if you only need it for testing purposes and you are not interested in the actual content.

Built-in data generator and value library

DTM Test XML Generator enables you to quickly populate an XML document, using its rich value library that contains industries, companies and street names. Furthermore, the built-in data generators can create telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or web links to fill your file and give it substance.
When put together, these tools can create realistic and complex data sets that can be used for various tests and simulations involving great amounts of information.

Create or import the structure of the XML document

DTM Test XML Generator offers you the option to import templates from XSD files and use the available structure throughout your document. The application also allows you to create a new structure from scratch by adding nodes and attributes manually.
Every attribute has its own properties and you can modify the fill percentage for each one, so that the generator will always create a specific amount of values for it.

Console mode for automatic background generation

You can use the software even when you are not at your computer, by scheduling the built-in console mode to run the generation process automatically at certain hours of the day.
This enables you to tackle a different task while data is being created for your projects. The console command lines are very flexible and easy to use, albeit not as powerful as its visual counterpart.


Data generation will always be a nightmare for humans, but the computers are only getting better at it every day. DTM Test XML Generator is a prime example of this evolution, being able to create massive amounts of randomly generated information in very short amounts of time.
Even though the terms involved may appear to encourage experienced users, DTM Test XML Generator can be used by almost anyone with basic computer skills.