Open a variety of file formats and view their contents as HEX code, set bookmarks or search for strings, with the help of this user-friendly tool

HexPad is a reliable program which allows you to easily view and edit various types of files in HEX mode. The software can open a large variety of file formats, from text documents, to photos, multimedia, database storage files, archives and many more. The application can import the files or open them as already mapped.

View and edit files in HEX mode

HexPad features a series of tools designed to help you help you view lines of code or text, to search for strings, find and replace or insert new values. The software supports opening several files at the same time, in cascade view, however, you can easily relocate the secondary windows, for easy browsing.
HexPad offers a series of tools for text editing, including cut, copy, paste, select blocks, go to a particular line, set bookmarks, search for values, or find and replace characters. You may easily find blocks of characters, by the offset value or by length. Moreover, you can open files in simple mode or as mapped.

Compare files and export tools

Two of the most powerful functions featured by HexPad are the file comparison tool and the export. You can easily compare two or more files from the beginning to the end, from the current cursor location or on the specified segment. You may also select the comparison unit size and arrange the files in a specific frame, then watch as the software highlights the differences in the files’ HEX code.
HexPad allows you to modify each file you open or create new documents, then save them with the desired extension or export them. The software supports a series of output formats, including text, .RTF, .HTML, .CPP, .HEX, Base64 encoded file or raw data.

Simple to use file editor

Not only does HexPad offers you a series of tools for viewing, comparing or exporting files, but it is also an easy to use utility. It features a friendly interface, allows you to arrange the file windows in various modes and integrates with any file’s context menu, in Windows Explorer, for a quick import.
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