Copy Files With Dates


An application that copies files while keeping the original creation date, modification date and the original attributes of the files and directories

When copying files from one location to another, their attributes typically are reset to new ones, as all dates are replaced with the current one. Copy Files With Dates can prevent this from happening.

Minimalist GUI

The application comes with a straightforward, minimalist interface. Thus, even those with little computer skills can still copy their documents to another location, without having their parameters affected.
The main window of Copy Files With Dates is divided in two panels, one for the source directory, the other for the target location. Just browse your computer for the correct folders, then press the Start button.

Prevents attributes from resetting

While the GUI of the app might seem quite ordinary for a folder copier utility, its main characteristic is not typical, as it retains all the attributes of your files. This way, even if you copied them today, their creation and modification dates would still be their original ones.
You can set the application to overwrite the data found in the target folder, or you can disable this function.

Supports sub-directories

Copy Files With Dates also allows you to copy files not only from entire directories, but also from their sub-directories. Additionally, you can create new folders right from the main window of the application.
On the downside, you cannot filter the files you copy. This means you cannot keep the attributes of some files unchanged, and have the parameters of other documents reset. It would be useful if you could only process the images, for instance, or only the files that shared a certain filename.

To wrap it up

All in all, Copy Files With Dates truly does what its title implies: it permits you to copy your files and directories from one folder to another while keeping their original attributes.