ASoft .NET Version Detector

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Gives information on the different versions of Microsoft .NET that are installed on the computer, so that you know which runtimes you need

.NET framework-based programs are widely employed today and ensuring the corresponding dependencies are installed on the computer is of vital importance. However, sometimes it may be hard to tell which version of the .NET package is installed; for these special situations, ASoft .NET Version Detector provides its users with a highly intuitive solution, as the application allows checking for installed framework versions with just one mouse click.

Check the .NET version

The tool is very easy to employ, as retrieving information requires only that one launches the program. Detected versions are automatically displayed in an ample window and the tool can detect 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and upper revisions. Corresponding installed Service Packs are also displayed and a notable feature is the ability to navigate quickly to the installation path.
This is performed by a simple mouse click on the .NET Framework icon. The lightweight application also allows its users to install missing framework versions quickly, as well as to transfer the SDK. This is performed by employing the on-screen buttons and all downloads are obtained from the original Microsoft website; this setup ensures one can easily retrieve any missing versions.

Copy the results to other applications

As one can notice, the application is highly straightforward and streamlined for the best users' experience. No settings have to be tweaked and no configuration work is necessary to obtain actual results.
More-so, the utility also dumps all the analysis information in a text box, thus allowing one to transfer data to other programs, or to the Clipboard. This ensures quick dissemination of the results.

All in all, a highly intuitive utility for verifying the installed .NET Framework version

To conclude, .NET Version Detector is a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to check the current installed version of the .NET Framework. It features a highly intuitive setup and one is required only to launch the app to obtain adequate results. Download links for all major revisions (both frameworks and SDKs) are also provided, thus allowing one to quickly remedy any situation.
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