Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a new game from Nintendo that gives players the option to manage your campsite. Read more about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp  

You might think that managing your own campsite is a simple job, but you would be wrong. There are many things to take care off, starting with simple stuff like food and shelter, and finishing up with gathering cure animals for people to visit.
Users will be able to visit recreational spots, to meet new animals that give them quests, to find crafting materials, and even to build your furniture. It’s also possible to customize the camper, to host animals, to decorate everything with your favorite items, and to create everything the way you want to.
If you don’t like waiting until all of your work is done, you can also choose to pay with Leaf Tickets, which can be purchased with real money. Please keep in mind that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp free to play, but it does come with in-app purchases.