Get rid of obsolete and junk files that belong to other operating system from your Windows directories via this simple and straightforward app

WindowsUnixFileDeleter is a tiny tool designed to help you remove junk or obsolete files from a specified Windows directory. Functionality-wise, the application is as simple to use as it looks and getting rid of the unnecessary files is a simple matter of selecting the folder and hitting the Start button.
A good example in this sense would be DS_Store, a file that is typically hidden that does not affect the functionality of performance of the operating system in general. Then again, there have been times when it caused some problems, particularly when compressing folders and sending them to users who employ another OS other than Windows. Users have also reported some issues when attempting to upload directories to various servers.
Another good example on how the tool may come in handy is when you need to create and delete a text file on UNIX OS from a Windows server where the main app is installed. In this case, users may be able to place the file in UNIX, but they cannot find ways to delete an already existing file. While it can be argued that additional software can be used for this purpose, certain servers do not allow it or users may not have the necessary permissions.

System requirements