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Handles issues related to the Microsoft Print to PDF printer on your computer and comes with various PDF management tools you can try out

Windows comes with an integrated PDF printer but it might happen that it doesn’t work properly at some times or, even worse, that it doesn’t even appear in the list of available printers. If that is the case with your computer, then an application such as Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF will surely come in handy.

Repair and troubleshoot Microsoft PDF Printer 

The application is designed to allow the quick troubleshooting of the Microsoft PDF Printer. Instead of looking for solutions online and trying out different approaches on your own, which requires more than basic computer knowledge, you can simply use Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF to uninstall and reinstall the PDF printer with the click of a button. And, if you find that there is a problem with the printing queue, you can instruct the application to clear it and start printing your documents all over again.

Printer maintenance and custom printing preferences 

Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF also comes with options to help you perform printer maintenance. It can access the list of available printers in Windows and enables you to set the Microsoft PDF Printer as default. Additionally, you can access the queue of printing jobs and configure various printing preferences, such as the paper size of the PDF document, the graphics resolution of the print or the page orientation.

PDF management capabilities 

Aside from troubleshooting and maintenance options, Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF also comes with a series of advanced features to help you manage PDF documents with ease.  For instance, you can protect your PDF documents against misuse by customizing document permissions, encrypting it and assigning it a password.
The application can also instruct Windows to automatically save a newly created PDF file, send it via email, open it with the default viewer or another application (such as an editor), or print it. Moreover, it comes with options to configure automatic handling of duplicates and to set an automatic template for the filename.
Additional PDF tools for convert photos to a PDF file, split and merge documents or perform batch conversion are available, some third party.

Customize the Microsoft PDF Printer and more 

Despite its rather deceiving name, Tweak Microsoft Print to PDF is not just to troubleshoot the Microsoft PDF Printer, although this is its main mission. It comes with multiple PDF management tools and printing customization options that are handy to have under the same roof. 
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