TeeChart Pro VCL FMX


Powerful charting component toolbox designed for developers who like working with Delphi, RAD Studio, FireMonkey, and C++Builder

TeeChart Pro VCL FMX is a charting component compatible with Delphi, RAD Studio, FireMonkey, and C++Builder. The package comprises properties, methods, libraries, and other tools developers require in order to create compelling charts and include them in their projects.
TeeChart Pro can render 2D, 3D charts, as well as OpenGL graphics while not neglecting effects, such as lights and shadows, and antialiasing. Alongside a plethora of chart styles, it includes an assortment of maps and gauges, enabling developers to implement various methods for graphically displaying data. The purpose is to offer final users a way to generate professional-looking charts that are scalable and easy to handle.
The component deploys various functions and indicators related to various domains, including math, statistics and finance. Furthermore, it comes with various palette components, such as web sources, control bars, Navigators and ChartGrids, as well as chart image filters, grid components, and chart tools; the latter can be used for adding trend lines and cursors, annotations, and much more. Developers can also use the web source components to allow importing data and entire charts from online sources.
Each component is accompanied by explanatory editor dialogs that can offer assistance in case of need. Moreover, TeeChart Pro features print preview and LiveBindings.
Charts created with TeeChart Pro VCL FMX allow 360 degrees rotation and animated zoom and scroll using the mouse, which offers the final user full control. What's more, exporting options enable users to save charts in various formats, such as images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP), PDF documents, XAML and more. The data can also be exported as HTML pages, CSV, Excel, XML or text documents.
With advanced customization options, an extended set of components and tools, a helpful documentation, and compiled examples, TeeChart Pro VCL FMX is a comprehensive toolbox for creating charts in Delphi, RAD Studio, FireMonkey, and C++Builder.

Limitations in the unregistered version