Apache AntUnit


A reliable test framework for Apache Ant types and tests, providing an alternative to having to understand and use JUnit for running test cases

Apache AntUnit provides a library that offers a test framework for Apache Ant, allowing Ant users to avoid working with JUnit and replacing it with an alternative that proved to be more efficient.
Its history starts back when all the tests designed for Apache Ant were written as individual JUnit test cases. But all these tests had to carry out repetitive tasks and operations, such as reading build files or initializing a project. Thus, the Apache developers created a class that could process all task test cases, a class called BuildFileTest.
While this class worked perfectly fine, new patterns were created over time and build files in bug reports could be easily turned into test cases. Aiming to avoid having to understand and work with JUnit, Apache AntUnit uses so-called “assert” tasks instead of JUnit, which allows it to reuse common checks and tests.
The assertions Apache AntUnit work with can also validate a setup before building. Furthermore, AntUnit extends its functionality beyond Apache Ant, for other integration tests, to assert database contents or HTTP responses, and so on.
Apache AntUnit is available as a ZIP archive, containing the binary files you need. The source files are also available for download. Java is required to use the library.

System requirements