Add a data-aware label with HTML formatting capabilities to your applications based on Delphi and RAD Studio with the help of this tool

Note: All components from the TMS VLC UI Pack can now be found here.
If you develop text editing or other applications that are related to HTML, and if you work with Delphi or RAD Studio, you might take a look at TDBHTMLabel. It's a VCL component dedicated to programmers who wish to add a data-aware label to their software products, facilitating many HTML formatting functionalities.
The tool is tiny and supports mini-HTML formatting features that can be connected to multiple DB fields using an HTML editor with DB-aware design time. There are various tags supported, such as anchor, strikeout, font specifier, line height, paragraph, body color, horizontal line, and float attribute for paragraphs and images. Bevel borders and events for anchor clicks are featured as well.
If you're interested in obtaining this app, there's no way of getting passed TMS HTML Controls Pack, a bundle with numerous VCL components specially made for HTML controls, which TDBHTMLabel happens to be part of.
Some of the other VCL components available in the bundle are for listboxes, checklists, combo boxes, forms, labels, and hints, to name a several examples. All of this can be purchased in single developer mode or site license mode (any number of developers working together at the same organization).
The downloaded archive includes separate files for Delphi 7 and RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Professional, Enterprise and Architect, 10.1 Berlin, 10 Seattle, XE8-XE, 2010, 2009 and 2007. You can also check out some demos and an overview page with images.

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