A very simple utility that allow you to call the CreateProcess API from the command line to ensure the launch of two parallel processes together

The StartX was designed to be a very simple utility to allow you to call the CreateProcess API from the command line. CreateProcess is a function designed to enable you to start a process or application with or without parameters, but independently. Having a process run independently means that the operating system can continue running as usual in case one of the threads were to crash, for example.
The application can come in handy when you are attempting to burn DVR-R or CD-R discs and you want to add an Autorun.inf file. It is important to note that you can attach any file to the autorun, including a plain text file that can display a certain message in your default text editor whenever you insert a CD.
Granted, it can be argued that you can achieve the same results by using the “start filename” on the autorun CDs. However, this is only partially true because this method is not suitable for Windows versions that are based on the NT kernel. For the latter, the start function is implemented as an internal command in the default console. Therefore, the app helps you avert this issue as the CDs inserted can autorun regardless of the version of the operating system.
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