A practical, useful and effective software utility worth having when you need to easily monitor various resources or services from a single location

Few users implement the necessary measures to prevent problems the system might experience at one time or another. QuickMon is a monitoring tool that can check various system resources and issue alerts when specific thresholds are overridden.

Collecting the information

The application uses collectors, small tools called agents that retrieve data from various parts of the system, which can be grouped into folders, according to their purpose.
They are available in the main screen, which has been drawn with the modern standards in mind, at the same time considering ease of use and quick access to the items listed.
QuickMon sports a large amount of collectors neatly organized according to the data they are intended to monitor. Those that can could come in handy even for the regular users include gathering details from Windows event logs, the Performance counter and the state of Windows services.
The program is more comprehensive than this and makes available collectors for other types of jobs that can relate on SQL databases, database servers or SOAP web service query.

Receiving alerts

Once a collector has been properly set up, there is the possibility to establish thresholds that trigger alerts. These can repeat with a certain frequency and if the error or warning values persist.
The application is versatile and also provides the means to run scripts that can correct the problem automatically depending on the type of alert (warning or error).


QuickMon is not intended for the average user, hence working with it is mainly restricted to more advanced user. Also, it is not to be compared to professional monitoring tools but it is flexible and it can be developed to increase its functionality and versatility.
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