OptiVec for C++ Builder


A complete set of libraries with vector and matrix functions as well as complex-number math routines for application development

OptiVec is a software compilation of over 4000 vector and matrix functions and complex-number math routines. It contains vectorized forms of operators and math functions of C / C++ / Pascal.
It supports all integer and floating-point data types and other real and complex math functions / routines for statistics, analysis, FFT techniques, curve fitting, interpolations, vector and matrix algebra, matrix decomposition, and graphics.
In certain areas, OptiVec overlaps with the BLAS and LINPACK libraries, although the nomenclature is easier and can be implemented more efficiently.
Most applications process numerical data organized in loops, but this translates into long response times. By replacing the loops with optimized, Assembler-written vector functions and matrix routines, programs can be sped up by a factor of 2 or 3. Moreover, numerical accuracy is significantly enhanced.
The library is organized intro three groups of functions: VectorLib (for vector functions), MatrixLib (for matrix functions), and CMATH (for complex-number math functions.
All the libraries are static since they are not built as DLLs. Only the required functions are linked into the final application. This separation translates into a limited number of DLLs being distributed with the software.
This version of OptiVec is designed to function with Embarcadero C / C++ compiler series (RAD Studio, Borland Development Suite, BC++ Builder.
The software is sold in a commercial edition that enables users to distribute applications containing OptiVec functions freely. There is also an educational version for non-commercial use.

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