Integrate SMTP client support in your projects by simply calling out this ActiveX component library, with options to include authentication methods and message saving

Application development is not an easy task, since there’s a lot of code writing, and even the slightest mistake in the source code can have unexpected consequences. However, predefined libraries and components help integrate specific functions a lot easier, and with wodSmtpServer it becomes possible to create mailing services.
The package contains the necessary resources to include in ActiveX projects, so this is not an application to have any use as a stand-alone product. There are also different sample files for several types of programming languages to provide examples of what can be accomplished, with supported languages including Delphi, VB, VB.NET, and VC.
Once integrated, components automatically take care of connections and clients for. Additional code needs to be written down to handle email messages themselves. This is because all messages are deleted once a user disconnects. Depending on demands, messages can be linked to other servers, or saved as local files by having them extracted from the code body structure.
Default means enable the final application to establish connection to SMTP email services. Bundled together with a POP3 server, the resulting project can handle a large variety of protocols and clients.
Authentication is not a requirement on the user side, so by default anyone can connect. Needless to say that authentication can be enforced, with support for login, plain, and CRAM-MD5 authenticators, making it possible for users to also save messages, if this is properly configured.

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