Software development kit that enables you to integrate multi-page TIFF to PDF conversion capabilities into your own applications

The ease with which various types of files can be converted to PDF has certainly helped popularize this format, and TIFF images are particularly well suited for this, as they can be made up of several subfiles.
Mgosoft TIFF To PDF SDK allows developers to add new functionality to their applications, as well as create new programs that enable end users to convert TIFF images to the PDF format. Software built with this development kit can be distributed to your customers royalty-free.
No other software is required to perform these conversions, as the package already includes all the necessary components. As far as the deployment procedure is concerned, users can consult the available documentation for instructions.
Mgosoft TIFF To PDF SDK supports multi-page TIF images, and it also makes it possible to merge several source files into a single output document. Skew correction can be applied to fix alignment issues, and the DPI of the created PDF can also be altered by the user.
Additional features include the ability to add bookmarks and watermarks to the generated documents, enter metadata information and encrypt PDF files.
Aside from the required components and the documentation, it should be noted that several example programs are included in the archive. Created using multiple programming languages, these allow you to convert the sample TIFF files that are provided to PDF.