Mgosoft PDF Security SDK


Design applications that can decrypt password-protected PDF files or can encrypt documents fast with the help of this software development kit

Mgosoft PDF Security SDK has been designed as a comprehensive toolset that provides application builders with the possibility to include PDF decryption and encryption capabilities within their software. It is intended to be used by developers who wish to enhance their own programs.
Applications built with the help of this SDK do not require an additional program to process PDF files, albeit they might not be able to display the content of these documents unless they feature PDF viewing capabilities.
With the help of Mgosoft PDF Security SDK, developers can create applications capable of completely removing the password-protection from existing PDFs. Thus, any restrictions that the original documents might feature are also completely removed.
The encryption capabilities of the SDK, on the other hand, allow programmers to design software that can restrict the usage of PDFs. Thus, applications built with this toolset can help users limit the printing, copying, and editing of their PDF files by adding passwords to them, therefore preventing others from performing some or all of these actions.
The Mgosoft PDF Security SDK downloadable package includes a number of sample applications that showcase how the component can be integrated into your software using various programming languages.