A simple and intuitive application that enables you to remove duplicate media files from your computer in just a few swift moves

MediaPurge is a comprehensive and reliable software solution developed to provide you with an efficient means of cleaning your system of duplicates and copies, targeting media files in particular, specifically audio and video.

Intuitive and easy to handle appearance

The program features a sort of wizard-style user interface, guiding you step by step through an entire operation and allowing you to choose the action you want to perform.
As such, you can ‘Find Duplicate Files’, ‘Sort Files To Subdirectories’, ‘Edit File Names and Tags’ or ‘Synchronize Media Stocks’, depending on your particular needs.

Find and discard duplicates or synchronize media stocks

For starters, you will need to choose the category that you want to operate in from the available ones, with each comprising several distinct functions. Choosing one of these represents the second step of the wizard, For instance, the ‘Find Duplicate Files’ category enables you to look for ‘Duplicates’ using similar file information, audio comparison or identical file copies.
The ‘Sort Files to Subdirectories’ component allows you to ‘Build Directory Structure from Tags’ as well as ‘Build Directory Structure from File Names’. From the ‘Edit File Names and Tags’ section, you can ‘Rebuild File Names From Tags’, ‘Add Tags / From Filename’, ‘Edit File Names and Tags’ and ‘Copy or Remove Tags’, whichever best fulfills your requirements.
Moreover, the ‘Synchronize Media Stocks’ window helps you create an inventory for two media stocks, by selecting the targeted folders and analyzing their contents, then comparing them and copying the missing items from one directory to the other.

A handy tool for eliminating audio and video duplicates

To summarize, MediaPurge is a useful and effective application that can successfully assist you in removing copies of media files from your computer, enabling you to save space by deleting superfluous records.