Imagix 4D


Take advantage of source code analysis, QA and document generation for C, C++ and Java with the help of this powerful application

Imagix 4D is a powerful piece of software designed specifically for developers who need a tool for source code analysis, reverse engineering and document generation.

Understand and improve complex code

With the help of this application, developers are provided with the possibility to understand and improve source code for their software regardless of whether it is third party or legacy code.
The tool allows programmers to automate a series of tasks, including the analysis of dependencies and control flow and can be used to find issues in data usage and increase productivity and quality.

A powerful visual editor

Imagix 4D provides developers with a visual editor, allowing them to have a better look at their software's architecture and at the included elements, in addition to enabling them to freely inspect the underlying code.
The tool's main window allows users to visually inspect the function calls on the workspace. On the right-side pane, users can view the file index, graph symbols and project summary. Additionally, they can take advantage of various functions from the bottom-right panel.

Generate various types of reports

The application comes with support for multiple types of reports, allowing developers to learn info on different aspects of their software. This includes various metrics and a broad range of checks. The tool also makes it easy for developers to import previously generated reports.
Imagix 4D features a file editor so that developers can view the code directly on its main window. Moreover, it allows them to access a calculation tree, graph and a flow chart.

A reliable programming tool

All in all, Imagix 4D is a powerful yet easy-to-use piece of software that provides developers with the possibility to take a closer look their application's code, understand it and improve it if necessary. It features a visual editor, can generate a variety of reports and also packs various code analysis functions.