Git Rewrite Author


Rewrite the authors and committer history of any Git repository you have access to with the help of this useful command line tool

As its name states, Git Rewrite Author is a useful piece of software that allows you to rewrite one or several authors of a Git repository with the least amount of trouble.
To start using this command line utility, simply download the package, unzip it, and place the executable file in your Git repository. Of course, it can be run from practically anywhere on your computer, but it's a bit easier this way.
As expected, the only requirement for this application is the presence of Git or Git for Windows on your computer's system. Once this condition is met, you can start taking advantage of what this app offers in practically no time.

As accessible as a command line tool can be

Just like most command line tools out there, it comes with a set of more or less straightforward commands which are automatically listed each time you run it.
You might want to probably start off by getting or setting the credentials from and to the Git config (with the help of the config-get, and config-set commands), as well as by viewing the list of authors/committers.
You can follow through by rewriting a single author or committer using the simple "rewrite" command or rewrite all the records by using the more powerful "rewrite-list" command.
Of course, in case you're still learning the ropes, you can rely on the useful built-in examples for each command (run git-rewrite-author followed by help followed by the command that interests you) or on the handy tutorials found on the app's official GitHub repo.

Change the authors and committers history for any Git history with ease

To conclude, it may not look like much, but just as any die-hard Git users will tell you, Git Rewrite Author is actually a very useful piece of software as it provides anyone with the possibility of changing the authors or committers for any Git repository with just a few keystrokes.
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