VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter SDK


Software development kit that can be used to create software capable of converting Windows spool files to the modern PDF file format

Windows spool files, saved to the SPL format, are created by Windows in the spool or printer’s directory, and they can include various types of data. If it is necessary to convert these files to a more accessible format, users need to turn to a specialized software solution.
VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter SDK is a development tool that can be used to create applications which are capable of converting SPL files to the very common and widely-used PDF format.
The development kit offers support for multiple programming languages, including C#, C++, Javascript, PHP, VB, VB.NET and ASP. The intention is to enable you to integrate the libraries into your program with just a few lines of code.
Server-based applications can take advantage of the software’s multithreading capabilities. VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter SDK is designed to facilitate the conversion of large numbers of SPL files to PDF.
A number of output parameters can be customized when exporting PDF files, such as page properties and metadata. Additionally, it is possible to encrypt the output documents.
The downloadable package includes the conversion libraries, as well as a number of example projects created using various programming languages, which are designed to help developers test the software’s capabilities.
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