You can optimize the performance of your computer, remove junk files, temporary data, or tracking cookies, as well as boost the overall speed

Nowadays, optimizing the performance of your computer is no longer a task reserved for the tech-savvy users, as there are numerous specialized tools that can be deployed.
EaseeControl is one such solution and it can be successfully used by experts and novices alike.

Appealing tile-based GUI

The main window is a colorful GUI that is meant to make it very clear for everyone which section of their computer needs improving: security, privacy, performance, network or cleanup.
Since these are visual indicators, you need to first deal with all the red tiles first, as they are the most urgent. The yellow ones are of medium importance, whereas the green ones mean that no action needs to be taken.
You also get an overview on the current usage levels of the CPU, RAM and disk, so you can take the required actions to ensure the PC does not freeze or crash.

Boost multiple PC sections

In order to find out which computer sections need work, you need to take the time to scan your machine.
The security scan looks at the status of your OS, performs external network penetration testing, assesses Internet access protection, UAC status or possible botnet infections.
The examine the network status, EaseeControl checks the local network connectivity and the download speed. A detailed report is generated so you can save and analyze it at a later time.
When it comes to cleaning unnecessary data, you can remove browser cookies, flush RAM memory, empty the Recycle Bin, delete temporary files and so on.

To summarize

All in all, EaseeControl is a straightforward tool for keeping an eye on the overall status of your computer. Even if you are a beginner, you can still rely on the recommended course of action for each section to improve the performance of your network, disks or even security protection.