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An accompanying tool for any Git client, providing a way to find the origin of the lines of code inside a repository and track changes much easier

Designed to provide additional assistance when working with Git repositories, DeepGit can investigate commits and their content to detect the origin of code sections. This can really be helpful to Git users, as it enables them to closely keep track of code snippets and the changes that occur while working on a project.

Load a file in a local repository and analyze commits

DeepGit is not difficult to use, but it cannot be connected to an online Git repository. Therefore, you must first use Git to clone the repository and create a local copy that can be passed as a source to DeepGit.
To be more specific, DeepGit can analyze a single file in the repository, placing it and the associated commits in the first panel. Clicking on any commit displays it in the Blame view, where you can explore all the changes and contributions, as well as the entire list of project components, from resources and developer tools to the icons and the license.

Track down the origin of lines of code

DeepGit can trace back lines of code and find out what commit they were introduced in. The possible origins of the code snippet are displayed in the 'Origin candidates' section, where you can also check if the selected lines of code have been created in the blamed commit (if not, the 'No change' origin is shown).
The selected origin candidate is further analyzed in the Origin View. You can explore the commit to find changes, which are automatically highlighted by DeepGit, so that you can identify them easier and faster. Once you confirm that the correct origin has been detected, the analysis can go further and repeat the entire procedure to investigate the origin of the origin.

Find out where your lines of code are originating from

DeepGit makes it possible for Git users to find out where code lines are originating from. For those of you who are very dedicated to their project and want to continuously maintain it, an application such as DeepGit can prove to be very useful.
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4.2 Build 8001
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