Chris-PC RAM Booster


An easy to use application, designed to help you boost your system\'s memory efficiency access speed and improve free memory management

Chris-PC RAM Booster is a simple application, that can help you tweak your computer’s memory management, thus offering you a faster memory accessing speed. You can monitor the performance of the physical memory as well as the page file usage and improve memory management, in order to determine your PC to run smoother.

Free and used memory space

The software displays a pie chart, representing the percentage of both free RAM and used RAM, as well as the current processor usage, in real time. The main purpose of the application is to prevent excessive memory defragmentation. Chris-PC RAM Booster is set by default to start with Windows and run in the background, thus not affecting your current activities.

Performing benchmark tests

A memory benchmark test enables you to get an overview on the speed and stability of your computer’s memory. It is divided into smaller stages, in order to determine the memory’s performance in specific situations. For instance, you can determine small or large memory block access speed, and test the stepped memory block access speed.
This test can offer you an estimate on the speed and reliability of your system memory and calculates the approximate rates of memory performance when running new applications or software that requires many resources.

Statistics display

The Statistics tab displays the level of available memory and the threshold of memory that needs to stay permanently unoccupied for the safety and health of your system. You can view the level of available physical memory, as well as the current page file usage.
The software allows you to change the threshold that determines the minimum amount of memory that needs to be maintained free, as well as set the limit of memory to free. In other words, when your computer reaches the lower limit of memory to maintain, the software notifies you of the critical level of free memory.
The second threshold refers to the space the software attempts to clear, when prompted, in order to increase the computer’s performance.


Chris-PC RAM Booster is a user and computer-friendly application, whose main purpose is to protect your system. It features optimized memory defragmentation engines, that handle large amounts of occupied RAM and aim to improve your computer's performance and life span.