Early Bird Alarm Clock



The mobile solution wants to meet the various needs of each user who has troubles waking up in the morning. It has a straightforward yet powerful interface that anyone can explore effortlessly and personalize from the very beginning with a different color theme.
The application helps you get up with a different ringtone every morning because many of us manage to ignore familiar sounds. It even provides a talking clock feature that says the current time while the alarm is ringing to prevent you from getting used to a particular buzzer.
Furthermore, you may combine the ringtone with one or several missions to make sure you get out of bed on time. Solve an easy or difficult math problem, copy and write a specific phrase, deploy the voice recognition tool and verbalize a series of predefined words, scan a QR code or shake your phone a few times to turn off the alarm.
The app also includes an easy-to-use automated timer and a stopwatch, can play the ringtone only through headphones, fetches events from your calendar and shows the weather forecast if it gets access to your location.