Enable your application to create, manipulate, and render SVG files through the use of various functions found inside this C++ library

There are various types of multimedia content, and most of them can be implemented in web environments. Among others, SVG files can be used for both static and animated representation of pictures. Implementation of such files needs to be done through coding in programs, and wxSVG is a library which aims to make this easier.
One first note is that wxSVG isn’t really a stand-alone application, but rather a library of coding components which enables applications to create, manipulate, and render SVG files. Using this library makes the new program offer the end-user options to freely open and view such file formats, and even process them.
In terms of supported programming languages, this library can only be used with C++ projects. Setup on a Windows environment might require the use of MinGW. All necessary files for implementation are generated, including the required XML text file.
Since the library enables the manipulation of SVG files, dedicated functions are found inside the library, with support for metadata and EXIF details. Moreover, one can gather different types of info from SVG files, such as codec tag, or format name. The video canvas is adjustable, while color manipulation options make it possible to work with 3-digit hex color codes.
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