WaGi's IP-Blacklister

Batch block IP addresses that are attempting attacks on your web, mail or any other type of servers using this simple and straightforward tool

If you are a system administrator, then there is a fair chance that you came across suspicious activity showing attempted attacks on your server. More often than not, these attacks are automatic and scripted attacks and the best solution in this case is to ban the addresses they are made from.
WaGi's IP-Blacklister is a small, but powerful program designed to help you batch block IP addresses via the Windows Firewall. The app can prove to be quite straightforward especially if you have a list of the IPs that carried on the attack, as you can simply add it to the app and block them with just one click.

The automatic mode checks the list and blocks IP addresses on site

The app comes with a user-friendly interface that displays the list of IPs on the left and the settings on the right. The idea behind the tool is to grab every IPv4 found in the list and block them, thus stopping the scripted attacks on your server. While the list does not need special formatting, it is recommended that the IP addresses are somehow separated.
You can get started by loading the list of addresses you want to ban, action that you can do using the button in the lower section. The app packs an Automatic Mode that enables it to check at predefined times and block anything that has been skipped.

A handy tool for increasing the security and reducing attacks on your server

It is important to note that the program does not mess with the firewall rules that you already set in place. The Del option available solely has the role of erasing the rules matching the selected protocol and direction. In fact, the application is designed to update the firewall's list of blacklisted IP addresses.
All in all, WaGi's IP-Blacklister can be helpful for system administrators over-watching the security of web server, mail server and any other type of servers. Therefore, in the eventuality that you notice an increase of attacks to the server lately, then perhaps you can consider using the tool to ban them and ensure your server's security.