Virtual Treeview


Open-source tree view control with advanced Delphi tree functions, featuring a one-of-a-kind paradigm and various useful options

Made for software developers, Virtual Treeview represents a tree view control built from scratch with advanced Delphi tree controls. According to its maker, the tool's paradigm for tree management is unlike any other controls.
Data is extracted from applications through events (or descendants by overwriting data), since Virtual Treeview doesn't have any information about the data besides its size, not even the node captions.
The tool uses a hand-optimized MMX assembler routines to ensure smooth animations, such as hint fading. It shows an alpha-blended image of the tree windows while dragging and dropping items, and it offers support for Windows XP themes.
If you want to get a closer look at what can be done with this tree view control, you can take a look at UltraSearch, a freeware project that finds files and folders on local NTFS drives and which took advantage of Virtual Treeview. Another example is TreeSize Professional, a commercialware piece of software designed to clean up disk space.
Virtual Treeview is published under a double license: MPL 1.1 and LGPL 2.1 with static linking exception. To be able to get it up and running, you must have Embacadero's RAD Studio XE3 - 10.1 Berlin or Delphi7 - Delphi XE8.

System requirements