Run old programs that you could normally open in MS-DOS in the newest versions of Windows without worrying about conflicts via this tool

In case you have attempted to run DOS programs – and even older programs on Windows 10 – then you probably know that you get an error message. Since DOS applications cannot be run in a Windows environment, you need to use an emulator that can mimic the functions of MS-DOS systems.
vDos is a lightweight utility derived from the notorious DOSBox project that enables you to run this type of programs on a computer with Windows operating system. The application allows you to use variables, but, as the developer points out, first you must explicitly declare them via autoexec.txt, command line or another batch file. In case you decide to use Command Prompt, then you should know that it is linked to the Windows CMD. Therefore, provide the program you want to use with quotes and then specify the command from within a program or the app's command line.
The DOS applications are likely to run almost instantly in a scalable window and with crisp TTF fonts. Speaking of apps, the tool allows you to run multiple programs at the same time with their own specific configurations and that do not create conflicts or errors with other Windows NTVDM instances running on your system. Moreover, it comes with network and print support, so you can make best use of the apps you want to run.