UK Shutdown Scheduler

You can turn your computer off, put it into standby, lock it, restart it, or put it into hibernation at any time you want, after any time, or according to idle time

When dealing with large downloads or complex rendering processes, you might need to leave your PC running for a long time. This is when you can rely on applications such as UK Shutdown Scheduler.

Straightforward GUI

All the functions are neatly organized within the main window of the software solution so you only need to choose the action you are interested in, schedule its deadline, then press Start.
You can minimize it to the system tray, so as to get it out of your way and keep an uncluttered taskbar (alternatively, you can send it to the taskbar, if you prefer).
The main window can be placed on top of all the other running applications if you want to have it within reach at all times.

Schedule shutdown, reboot or PC lock

In addition to scheduling your computer to automatically power off, this app can also be used to restart or lock your PC, as well as send it to sleep or stand by mode.
After selecting the action, you can enter the exact day and time for performing it. For example, you can set your computer to reboot at midnight or a certain you choose.
You can also schedule it to power off, reboot or lock a certain number of minutes from now or when idle time is detected (you can specify the number of minutes you are interested in).

To wrap it up

All in all, UK Shutdown Scheduler can come in handy to all those who do not want to leave their PC running through the night, nor do they want to wait by the computer until all tasks are completed. It supports multiple actions besides shutting down the PC and you can choose the one that suits your necessities.
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