TypeItIn Professional

3.5 / 3.6 Beta 1

Define buttons that will automatically type in any information you want into any application, document or window, with this lightweight utility

TypeItIn Professional is a clever little tool especially developed for those who need to improve and speed up form filling, code writing and similar activities. With it you can record custom macros that inset specific strings of text, launch applications and so on.

Straightforward interface

TypeItIn Professional comes as a simple application in terms of design so it’s not a ‘looker’ but after you start accessing and viewing some of its settings and configuration options, you get to see that it’s a ‘doer’.
The application’s main window, or rather the control panel displays a user-friendly interface and is used to house the buttons for the actions you are about to create and customize.

Custom buttons that do the work for you

TypeItIn Professional enables you to literally create buttons in its main window which you customize to do one of the many things it is capable of. New buttons are very easy to create and can be personalized in great detail.
Adding a new button allows you to set its name, add a hint and a short phrase, assign a key combination and of course, enter the text that will be typed when the action is triggered. Along with the sections for the aforementioned configuration options, TypeItIn Professional also provides a large list of special functions that can be added to the macro.
They come grouped into categories such as ‘Most used’, ‘Keys’, ‘Functions’, ‘Advanced’, ‘File’, ‘Internet’, ‘Media’ and ‘Mouse’, each capable of performing a specific task. Their number is a bit overwhelming at first but luckily for you, TypeItIn Professional comes with elaborate documentation that explains everything in great details and even offers you examples.
Once you finish editing a button it is displayed in the main window or a group and with one click, TypeItIn Professional takes over and automates the previously recorded task.

Simple, efficient and practical

With the above to consider and a lot more to discover in the details, it’s safe to say that if you want to improve your productivity in the workplace, then you can certainly try TypeItIn Professional.
1.9 MB
Update Date
3.5 / 3.6 Beta 1
Created By
Paul P.M. Beuger
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