Invisible component that connects two listbox (listview) controls, facilitating a way to automatically copy or move items with drag-and-drop or dedicated buttons

Note: All components from the TMS VLC UI Pack can now be found here.
Dedicated to software developers looking for solutions to enhance their products, TListLink is an invisible VCL component that connects two listbox (listview) controls. It facilitates a way for any selected items to be automatically copied or moved to other locations using drag-and-drop actions or buttons assigned by the user to the TListLink module properties.
The tool can be integrated into software programs based on RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin, 10 Seattle, XE8-XE, 2010, 2009 and 2007, as well as Delphi 7. It's part of TMS List Controls Pack, so it's only possible to download, install and purchase the full package.
Besides the development files, you can also explore demo samples for all apps available in the package, like an alert window, HTML picture browser, navigation bar, Outlook list, picture pane, rating grid, section list box, or thumbnail list.
Licenses can be purchased for commercial purposes in two modes: single developer or website with any number of developers working at the same organization. Installation instructions for both RAD Studio and Delphi can be examined in a plain text document in the downloaded archive of TMS List Controls Pack. The entire bundle is fairly large but has setup files for each RAD Studio version and Delphi.

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