Perform automated testing with this comprehensive software solution that offers support for Windows, .NET, Java or web applications

TestComplete users that perform automated, fully-functional tests comprising regression, data-driven, object-driven, unit or even distributed stress and scalability tests could require the ability to run multiple, parallel tests.
TestExecute complements the functionality of its main companion and offers several features that are aimed at offering users the ability to run functional tests in parallel for desktop, web or mobile devices.
The testing can be performed on a scalable level, on cross devices, with ease and efficiency. Both physical and virtual machines are supported, and this will enable setting-up parallel test suites with run-specific operations that are fully-customizable.
Concurrent test running is one of the main features provided by this application, which will enable people to run tests on a wide range of environments and devices, for technologies such as Windows, .NET, AngularJS, Java, HTML5, etc.
Additionally, TestExecute will provide resulting reports that cover all test runs on both the physical and virtual machines, using pie-charts that will enable a more efficient way of analyzing and isolating trends.
Last but not least, the testing process can be split across development or staging environments, regardless if these are public or isolated behind firewall or proxy servers.

System requirements

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