A lightweight but powerful app with which you can create certificate files for specific users, manage existing ones or manually sign requests

The virtual space to which we connect on a daily basis functions on a thorough set of rules that correspond with legal status of each region of the world. Digital products also come with a price tag and piracy is violation of legal status. To verify and keep everything under control, certificates are attributed to applications, with the possibility to manage your own with the help of TekCERT.

Lightweight and intuitive

All features are stored in a compact main window, but elements are well-organized in tabs, clearly visible and quickly get you up and running. You system won't even feel a thing from running it thanks to proper optimization and implementation of features.

Easily create new certificates

The application can be used both to create and manage certificate files on your system. Creating is easily done by filling in several fields, as well as managing technical details related to security key length, encryption algorithm, certificate storing place, serial number, validity period, as well as whether or not it's self signed.
For the certificate file to be properly built, you can also include details regarding the target user, such as name, organization, unit, email and address. When you're done, options are limited to generating the certificate file, or issuing a request, both of which you save to a custom location.

Manage and sign files

Furthermore, you can use implemented functions to also browse through existing certificates, which are displayed in a list along with related details. These can be deleted, saved to file or used to export their public or private keys under a few specifications.
You can use the application to sign or modify requests by switching to the dedicated tabs. Pending entries can be viewed either for the local machine or a specific user, with options to have them processed or removed. Additionally, the application lets you manually sign certificates and modify algorithm used, as well as validity.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that TekCERT is a handy application when it comes to managing certificates. Although pretty compact, the main window is well-organized and makes sure you know your way around. Options area intuitive and in the blink of an eye you can create, modify, and sign certificates yourself.
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