A simple, install-free application that can keep a close eye on TCP connections initiated on your PC and notify you about any issues

The purpose of the TCPConnectProblemView application is to help you actively monitor TCP connections on your computer and let you know when the target server is not responding. In other words, it can be used to diagnose TCP connections on the host computer.

All details displayed in an organized table 

There is no need to install TCPConnectProblemView, as the application is ready for use as soon as you double-click on the executable file. The main window comprises a simple table with several fields that are gradually populated as soon as a new failed TCP connection is detected.
Any new entry displays the name of the process and its ID, along with the date and time it was detected, the local IP address and the port number, along with details about the remote server: its IP address, port number and the host. You can choose which columns to show and which to hide.
There are a few additional viewing options to help you quickly read a table with many entries. Grid lines can be shown or hidden and rows can be easily marked, which is quite useful in a large table.

Close failed connections easily 

TCPConnectProblemView logs failed TCP connections from a software to a target server that offers no response, but it also enables you to close any opened TCP socket that received no answer from the server. There is an option to close all the connections automatically.
Selected items can be easily selected, copied to clipboard or exported to file. Moreover, you can generate HTML reports either for a selection of items or the entire list.

Test TCP connections 

TCPConnectProblemView is a handy tool that allows you to test TCP connections on your computer. To test it, you can access an inactive IP address from a web browser. Failing to receive a response from the server results in new entries in the main window of the application.