A customizable control for indicating processed, active and inactive steps to be followed in the wizard-style graphic user interface

Note: All components from the TMS VLC UI Pack can now be found here.
TAdvSmoothStepControl is a powerful and advanced control designed to signal processed, active and inactive steps in wizard-style user interfaces. Moreover, since the library includes several presets for complex gradients with opacity, you can be sure to get a modern looking and fresh wizard UI that can easily fit in any interface you have in mind.
The component comes with Support for HTML formatted text for each step description, as well as the ability to define the number of visible steps. In spite of the fact that you have several shapes and ability for custom shapes to choose from, you should bear in mind that you also have a custom drawing function. Consequentially, you can take the time and design shapes that are a perfect match for your graphic interface.
Speaking of customization, the component set includes a different appearance for each step state, so you can use this tweak to guide users when they need to decide between various options. Since you can define the amount of visible steps, it also means that you can configure the tool to hide the obsolete information, once the user made a specific choice.
It is worth mentioning that the library packs built-in color settings that match Office from 2003 to 2016 styles as well as Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Metro.

System requirements