Worry less about updates for your software or apps in development, with this customizable updating client that accepts XML-based tweaks

Be it that you’re a casual PC user, concerned about keeping your apps up to date, or, a programmer who wishes to integrate a solid and consistent way for updating the developed software, keeping those updates running is key for maintaining the smooth functioning of the said programs.
Designed with such purposes in mind, SuperUpdate, just as its name aptly suggests, will provide users with a customizable way for maintaining the versions of their software up to date, through a PowerShell, XML-configurable tool.
The application can be branded and extended for specific software, using the Windows PowerShell and in order for users to adjust the details of the target applications, the provided XML file can be edited, in order to better reflect the particular requirements of the software in discussion. The developer was kind enough to include a detailed tutorial in the online documentation, here.
The main working principle behind SuperUpdate relies on verifying the corresponding XML file for CLI parameters, which are either confirmed or infirmed, and then, based on carrying on with the update or performing a redirect, the update is initialized.
Users have the choice of deploying the application as a standalone, referenced with their specific development apps or, as a one-time access tool.