Stylus Studio X16 XML Professional Suite

Build 1987.18

Use this utility in order to develop XML applications, thanks to its collection of XML design features and synchronized editing views

Working with the XML format for developing applications can be a tricky undertaking and users might need a flexible cross-platform that could help them achieve interoperability. Stylus Studio X16 XML Professional Suite was created in order to offer people the means to achieve increased XML application development. It will allow them to access an XML editor where they can input the preferred code, easily verify its integrity and save it to the required format.

Editor-like interface that provides a thoughtful layout with dedicated XML, Java or XSLT modules

The application presents users with a clean interface that comes packed with a dedicated text editor where the code can be inputted, and adjacent side-panels that offer several useful tools. People will benefit from a directory browser, which will help them navigate to the preferred folder with ease and a code structure viewer as well.
All the main modules are offered in tabs: Text, Tree, Grid or Schema and one of the main advantages of this utility is that it will allow one to perform concurrent XML editing. To this end, people will be able to load multiple text input instances, which can be easily managed into different tabs.

Use this app to create the perfect XML code, thanks to its increased customization

People will be able to easily input code lines freely in the provided editor and a dedicated formatting checker will help them identity any potential errors in the syntax. This is a useful feature, as it might help inexperienced users get a better grasp of the required operators and syntax.
Demanding users might be happy to know that the application provides an extensive settings module, where one will find multiple options for each of the different included editors (Java, XML, XQuery or XSLT), spell checking and also customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Valuable software solution that will help people who wish to develop their own XML applications

Stylus Studio X16 XML Professional Suite could be a wise choice for those who require a consistent XML editor for developing their applications. It will allow them to access a flexible text editor with an included syntax verifier and a collection of features for managing a structured XML code. Novice users however are advised to consult the documentation, as this application will require at least some basic XML code knowledge.