Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL


Helps C++ developers connect their PostgreSQL database with their application and create the user interface in Qt much easier and faster

Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL builds a bridge between PostgreSQL and Qt, allowing C++ developers to generate GUI forms and the C++ classes that are needed to implement SQL DML statements to manipulate data in tables. Its purpose is to shorten the time and reduce the effort developers allocate to connecting UI elements in Qt with tables or views in the PostgreSQL database.

Connect to any PostgreSQL database with ease

One of the perks of the application is its ease of use. It deploys a rather simplistic interface with intuitive options so connecting to the target database is a breeze. You just have to fill in a simple form with the name of the database and the user credentials.
Once the connection is established, Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL displays the entire database schema (and each schema if more than one is available), with all the tables and the views, in tree view for easier access. You don't get to see the columns in each table or view but to be fair, you don't really need to if you are just looking to manage tables via your Qt GUI.

Generate Qt forms and C++ classes for your project

Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL integrates a wizard that can guide you step-by-step when generating the Qt forms for a selected database table or view. Not just that it creates the necessary Qt classes, but it also generates the UI files and headers that can be then integrated into a Qt Creator project.
Once you name the project, the wizard prompts you to select the desired table or view from a list. The primary key should be automatically detected by the application according to your database schema but, if this is not the case or the primary key has not been defined, you can manually select it. Moving further, you get to name the entity class and choose its type: QWidget or QDialog. Once the Qt forms are created, you can configure Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL to open the project in Qt Creator and continue from there.

Facilitates interaction with a PostgreSQL database in Qt

The purpose of Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL is to make interaction with the database much easier to implement in Qt. It saves developers both time and effort, increasing their productivity and allowing them to focus on enhancing the functionality rather than connecting the database tables with elements of the Qt GUI.