SL Regex Builder


Create and debug regular expressions that you can run all or part or preview the matches, groups, and captures in a tree via this app

SL Regex Builder is an application designed as a tool that can help you create and debug Regular Expressions that are commonly used in Visual Studio editor automated tests. To be more precise, if a test were to fail due to a regex that does not match, then it typically writes an XML file automatically. This file can be imported into the app so that you can run a diagnosis and find out the reasons behind the match fails.
According to the developer, the program can display the expressions along with the text and options of XML files. In fact, the utility allows you to preview matches, groups and captures in a tree to check out how the matches occur. In the eventuality that the expressions match, then the tool creates a tree showing all of them, so feel free to click on any node in the tree to explore the matching in the source text and scroll to where they can be found. For enhanced convenience, the matching nodes are highlighted.
It is worth mentioning that the application supports partial expression execution, an action you can start by hitting the F5 button. Therefore, you can figure out immediately the parts of the expression that are working as expected.
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