SignalLab .NET

Enhance your digital signal processing and manipulation applications using a comprehensive set of .NET components without knowing too much programming

SignalLab .NET is a comprehensive library designed for anyone working on applications that entail visualization and fast digital signal processing. Thanks to the suite of components, you can acquire, process, record, analyze video or audio and display signals in real time.
As far as the analysis is concerned, the package enables you to calculate the noise stats of various signals, including but not limited to SNR, THD, SINAD and Harmonics. At the same time, you can take advantage of the SLPatternDeterctor to identify patterns in the buffers.
In case you are trying to combine multiple signals, then you are able to do perform all sorts of multiply, add, subtract and divide operations for one or more samples at the same time. In addition, you can change the output range, convert the Complex buffer to Real and Imaginary buffers or the polar from magnitude or phase pairs stored in input signals to Cartesian coordinate form.
It is worth mentioning that the utility comes with various custom filers that can make the processing smoother. Among the filers you can use, you can count on real values, real data, binary data, real matrix data, integer data or complex data. Other noteworthy functions that you can add thanks to SignalLab .NET include signal filters, timing components, transformations, visualization, video layers, matrix layers and control elements.

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