RTD Tool Customer

2.3 Beta 1

Debug chipsets and rewrite the firmware / re-program them according to your needs with the help of this comprehensive programming application

RTD Tool Customer is a piece of software designed specifically for those users who need to perform debugging operations on chipsets and who also need to re-write the firmware of chips.
The software is meant mainly for professionals and requires advanced programming knowledge. However, anyone can take advantage of its capabilities to re-program a chip, as long as they are familiar with what this operation involves.

A comprehensive interface

The application comes with an easy-to-use, straightforward interface though it provides access to a large number of functions that make it suitable in a variety of situations.
All of the included functions are accessible from the tool's main window, where they are displayed in the form of tabs, including Ctrl Reg, ISP, TCON, DCC, EDID, ComReg, and EDP.

Access ports and connected chips

With the help of this program, users can access connected chipsets and can modify their firmware. The software also makes it easy to access various ports and to re-program their functions if necessary.
Reflashing the firmware of connected devices can be performed directly from the tool's main window. However, it requires some advanced knowledge, as things can easily go from bad to worse if the operation is not performed properly.

Get / Write Dither Table

The application has been designed with support for retrieving Dither Table and for writing it. It allows users to view both the input and output on its main window, as well as to check it if needed.
Users can take advantage of this program when looking to load OD table and can also export it to .txt or .dec files. Moreover, the software allows users to write OD table and comes with support for Timing Controller, with read/write functions.

To conclude

All in all, RTD Tool Customer is a powerful programming utility that allows users to make modifications to chipsets or rewrite the firmware of those that have been bricked. It includes support for a variety of functions and debugging capabilities but requires advanced knowledge to be used successfully.
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2.3 Beta 1
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