A cross-platform build automation and management server that seamlessly integrates with other SCM systems, allowing you to compare, run and test builds

Even though writing code can be relatively fun, managing a development project where you need to account for dependencies can quickly become overwhelming if you need to deal with a constant growth of the features and codebase.
QuickBuild is a tool for automation and continuous integration that packs several advanced tools for a more efficient build management. Not only can you help maintain a good quality of the project to the detail, but it can also lend a hand with de-stressing your work as a team.

Provides support for continuous integration and deployment

The idea behind the program is to provide you a simple way to run proof builds individually or concurrently and hence, obtain fast feedback over the changes before commit. Moreover, the app can help you create a report build progress and log in real time so that you can address bugs and failures accordingly.
Since you can keep track of every deployment in the form of a build, you can easily roll back whenever a new patch is not ready for release. Nevertheless, if necessary, you can push the commits to different builds and deployment stages via pipeline.

Allows you to create setup and workflow designs that you can reuse later on

The application packs features that allow you to manage several projects at the same time. Therefore, you can organize your work hierarchically as well as build and reuse workflow designs between separate projects. It is worth mentioning that the app enables you to build complex workflows visually with a convenient drag and drop.
Besides managing multiple projects, the tool can also lend a hand with scaling, meaning that you can take care of massive builds by adding more nodes, for example. Your team can repeat the execution of steps for a single build or multiple nodes to accelerate build speed.

A reliable CI tool that can ensure a better code quality

All in all, QuickBuild is a utility designed to help you manage development projects more efficiently while enabling you to prevent serious integration pitfalls which you may get trapped in when dealing with various new features as well as tedious tasks.
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