Project Maker


Automate your development and perform batch Delphi project building with this configurable compiler that offers multiple customization options

Development in any environment, can greatly benefit from automation, or even more so, from batch processing. Delphi makes no exception and Project Maker was designed specifically in order to offer users the means to achieve efficiency through automation, in their Delphi environment project building.
Using Project Maker, one will be able to tweak the compiler, and adjust its configuration to the specific requirements of the project, set the necessary actions that need to be undertaken, both for the fore and aft processes. Furthermore, users will be able to patch the binary information, sign it with their certificate of choice, as well as apply third-party protection if required.
The emphasis is maintained on providing users with a reliable GUI for the task definition that is required in the project building. To this end, the app supports unlimited tasks and the two main formats that are used are the DPR and DPROJ.
During use, one will be able to easily keep an eye on the PC’s available and used resources, thanks to the built-in CPU meter, which provides real-time representations of the usage, frequency, as well as the dominant process that is responsible for the largest consumption.

Limitations in the unregistered version