Power DVD Player

A modern, sleek-looking application that allows playing video content and music, supports a plethora of file formats, and can be configured with ease

Power DVD Player is an application that manages to stand out from a wide variety of similar players and tools that are used for their movie/music playback capabilities.

Adding your files and some of the supported file formats

The player is suitable for music and video content. You can easily add your directories' source or drag files into the player and queue them in the library section.
Moreover, you can open up DVD content from your discs straight from the app's menu, as well as separately filter the content based on your files' source (from the library, the imported folders, or other existing devices).
When having large sets of music or video imported into the program's system, users are also given the option to sort that content by name, duration, or file type (video/audio).
Additionally, the player supports a crazy amount of file formats, including Bluray, DVD, AAC, MP4, REC, MOV, MKV, ISO, and many others.

Benefits of using this video and music player over other tools alike

When accessing Power DVD Player for the first time, the first thing you see is a modern-looking interface with intuitive design and accessible commands. Similar to other software solutions, you are being prompted with a small walk-through that shows you the available options and features.
A nice touch is the key binding configuration window. Here, you can quickly check the available shortcuts for fast access and minimal effort. Also, in the 'Settings' window, you are given the option to customize your interface's desired theme and adjust its colors.
Overall, Power DVD Player is extremely easy to use and extremely user-friendly to its core. Plus, the app automatically detects your connected storage devices, displays the recent files, and has easy image scaling and playback speed configuration options (available with key binding use as well).